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Natasha M Palumbo, MBA


Ms. Palumbo is a business professional with more than 20 years’ experience, 16 as an entrepreneur. She is a creative leader, with in depth knowledge and experience applying strategic business management, development of small business initiatives, and progressive leadership. Ms. Palumbo is an effective communicator with an innate ability to engage and hold the attention of those she trains and teaches. She owns several businesses and successfully grew her core business into multiple states. She is a social entrepreneur and has been serving the homeless community for more than 15 years. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Ms. Palumbo is a Business Adjunct Instructor with Sierra College, Woodland Community College, Yuba College, Cosumnes River College, and California State University, Sacramento.  Ms. Palumbo is an EMPOWERED ENTREPRENEUR and so can you be. 


Author, Coach, Consultant and Speaker

Entrepreneur – Educator – Empowered